Last week I mentioned I would give up chocolate…I didn’t, but today is day number 2 that I have not eaten any chocolate or had any kind of sweets with the exception of some grapes and strawberries. I decided to go on a low calorie diet thing and know what? yesterday ate 1500 calories and it seemed like a lot of food.  the diets tell me I should be eating 2225 calories to maintain my weight and 1820 calories to lose…that’s so much calories. I am giving myself lead way like as long as its under 1800 its ok (obviously for the day not one meal). but I hope I do good this time. I have tried counting calories before, didn’t last long but ,maybe I can do it this time.  I’m not going full force at once just taking it slow I’ll get more into the exercising part later right now I want to train my body to eat less and better.


It’s all a conspiracy I tell you! at work I do these pulmonary tests and of course in order to do them I need the tools and equipment right? so  I noticed friday I was almost out of the tubes I needed so, I call the other office and they send me the stuff I need.  Great now when monday rolls around I will be prepared everything is settled. So I thought…. this morning I come in and notice there is only 3 tubes left in my box…hey what happened? I had 7 in the first place so now there’s a delima do I reschedule these people, or sterilize the stuff or what? well I cant sterilize the stuff because I’m out of the solution and won’t get a new shipment in until this afternoon ( oh and by the way that’s when my tubes will come in), well anyways where did my stuff go? its a mystery. so  anyways a girl here at the office had to drive to our other office to pick up more supplies, I’m really annoyed because now I’m behind in my stuff and people are waiting.  I can tell my coworkers are irritated with me but I swear its not my fault, the stuff was there when I left friday so really where did it go?did I mention I really hate mondays?


Don’t you think in a office you should have some kind of routine or order? its really annoying to have something change everyday. its different in personal life I definitely need changes or I get bored but work is different don’t train me one way then tomorrow tell me I did something wrong…um it was right yesterday. Stop messing with my head.


I have been thinking about my parents a lot today mostly my dad. He will be 76 in march its just so weird to think hes getting so old. Yes its part of life but hes just been changing so much in the past few years he really looks his age. He trys to keep active by doing word searches and doing odd things like cutting cardboard…don’t ask, but its depressing he just lives day by day doing the same thing over and over. He stays at home never goes anywhere even if I want to take him somewhere by himself he wont go without my mom. And that’s sad too if anything happens to her he could not survive he barely can do his own laundry let alone take care of responsibilities, you have to realize that it was just how he was raised the women did all the house stuff and bills and the guys worked and to top it off my dad is a major mommas boy didn’t leave moms until he married my mom. So then there’smy mom she could survive without my dad there but it would be scary she falls all the time has so many health issues its a harsh reality I have to face one day, and every bit of it is on my shoulders I’m a only child so anything that goes on is my responsibility. It’s kind of a sad note to think about but I am surrounded by death often every job I have been in reminds me of how precious life is you never know when your time is up. I really want my parents to see me get married andhave a family, if you think that’s selfish its not its something they both have told me they wanted to see before they die. it does mean a lot to them to see me happy. I think up until recently they were giving up on me I would met someone introduce them to my parents then next thing you know they were gone and it was someone else. This had to be confusing to them, my dad would ask me if I ever thought I would even get married? they did not understand the whole dating thing, I don’t want to marry just anyone. But they have learned to be patient and besides its closer than you know at least I’m with the one I know I’m going to marry. Its been a long wait but its been worth it. love you babe:)


I know I’m not the first person to notice this but why is it that everything that is low in fat or sugar taste nasty? most of the time the diet stuff tastes way sweeter than the reg stuff like diet drinks for example I hate that artificial taste it leaves in your mouth. It’s just really gross…..


You know what is really annoying? people who do the whole cry wolf thing. Like for instance this woman has been in 3 days in a row to see the Dr saying her chest hurts and has  high b/p of course if  someone complains chest pain they will be taken back first and are top priority the problem is shes fine there is no reason she should be here daily for the same problem and then soon as the Dr walks in shes fine, if you have a medical emergency then that’s fine but don’t waste every ones time because you have nothing else better to do and don’t lie  she does not even pay her copayments  she owes so much money but we cant just refuse her, its really not fair to everyone else. when I teach I  have patience.i will take as long as it takes to make sure when they leave they understand what to do but of course there is always that one person who does not want to listen to me and says no i understand i don’t need your help then guess who’s calling me a hr later asking how do i do this? its actually very frustrating if you would of listened the first time we would of been fine. oh well its people what can you do? besides its Friday the day is almost over then i can have 2 whole days without the madness….. I am having trouble editing my stuff so ignore all the bad stuff:)

World Crisis

well there’s a few things on my mind first I’ve been wanting to move out into a house but rent really is ridiculous I would love to have a house my coworkers sister in law is a real-estate agent said its a great time to buy. I’m not really sure on my income if I could afford it but maybe i should apply and pray about it and see what happens cant hurt right?other thing is I’m starting today eating better and oh no maybe no chocolate…..this could turn into a crisis but I’m going to try. lol wouldn’t that be funny if because I didn’t eat chocolate it turned into a world crisis? weird.