Day At The Dr Office

I want to do a little bit of comparison between what happened today when I took my dad to a Dr appointment and the way it works at my office. I work as a medical assistant for a internal medicine Dr. So a typical day would consist of me calling the pt back into my office checking there weight, asking them why they are coming in  and taking there vital signs, along with this is the annoying task of going over every single medication that they are taking, this may sound like a small thing but remember I said I work in internal medicine which means everyone has a ridiculous amount of meds they take because they are diabetics, have high b/p, heart problems etc, anyways that’s off the subject but I do a lot of stuff  before they even get to the Dr any kind of lab stuff or testing Ido that, it keeps me busy and I really love the pt contact they love me:) ok so there’s a part of my life or my day working anyways. now lets look at a day at the cardiologist office and the experience I had, now my dad being a new pt I  knew that meant paperwork so way before the appointment I had them fax the papers to me Ifigured that’s smart it could be done and maybe we wouldn’t have to wait forever to get in um no. So Ifinally get to the office at 11 his appointment is at 11:15 so I’m early I know but they had to make copy’s of cards go over stuff blah blah. So anyways Isit with my parents for the next hr watching Judge Alex and texting Ronnie getting annoyed because now its 12 and Ihave been sitting for 45 minutes (cant add the 15 min cause appointment was 11:15) so anyways finally the girl calls us back she was mildly friendly…its a nice way to describe it she was not super mean but kinda blah..ok enough about the girl she weighs him then takes him into a room to do a b/p on him and of course its those electronic ones(i don’t use those)does it 4 different times tells him he has high b/p um duh hes nervous. so anyways continues to ask questions that were already answered on the paper i filled out but she couldn’t find the paper so whatever then same with the meds I had given them a list and she couldn’t find it then it appeared….in the chart. ok its fine I’m ditzy I know I’ve done the same thing so I’m letting it slide, she does the EKG then leaves. another 30 minutes pass and a Dr comes in. straight faced no personality.asks my dad the same questions he has no idea what shes talking about he looks at me to answer the questions and explain to him whats going on. she was not good at explaining what was going on or what she planned on doing all Igot out of it is hes having a test done tomorrow that will take 4 hrs. she says he has a bad neck and back….um duh Isaid that when they asked about surgeries and when they tried to get him to lie straight on his back he cant do that. ok so basically I was not happy and Idon’t want him to see the doc again I want him to go to the other one and I will make sure it happens.