You know what is really annoying? people who do the whole cry wolf thing. Like for instance this woman has been in 3 days in a row to see the Dr saying her chest hurts and has  high b/p of course if  someone complains chest pain they will be taken back first and are top priority the problem is shes fine there is no reason she should be here daily for the same problem and then soon as the Dr walks in shes fine, if you have a medical emergency then that’s fine but don’t waste every ones time because you have nothing else better to do and don’t lie  she does not even pay her copayments  she owes so much money but we cant just refuse her, its really not fair to everyone else. when I teach I  have patience.i will take as long as it takes to make sure when they leave they understand what to do but of course there is always that one person who does not want to listen to me and says no i understand i don’t need your help then guess who’s calling me a hr later asking how do i do this? its actually very frustrating if you would of listened the first time we would of been fine. oh well its people what can you do? besides its Friday the day is almost over then i can have 2 whole days without the madness….. I am having trouble editing my stuff so ignore all the bad stuff:)

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