I have been thinking about my parents a lot today mostly my dad. He will be 76 in march its just so weird to think hes getting so old. Yes its part of life but hes just been changing so much in the past few years he really looks his age. He trys to keep active by doing word searches and doing odd things like cutting cardboard…don’t ask, but its depressing he just lives day by day doing the same thing over and over. He stays at home never goes anywhere even if I want to take him somewhere by himself he wont go without my mom. And that’s sad too if anything happens to her he could not survive he barely can do his own laundry let alone take care of responsibilities, you have to realize that it was just how he was raised the women did all the house stuff and bills and the guys worked and to top it off my dad is a major mommas boy didn’t leave moms until he married my mom. So then there’smy mom she could survive without my dad there but it would be scary she falls all the time has so many health issues its a harsh reality I have to face one day, and every bit of it is on my shoulders I’m a only child so anything that goes on is my responsibility. It’s kind of a sad note to think about but I am surrounded by death often every job I have been in reminds me of how precious life is you never know when your time is up. I really want my parents to see me get married andhave a family, if you think that’s selfish its not its something they both have told me they wanted to see before they die. it does mean a lot to them to see me happy. I think up until recently they were giving up on me I would met someone introduce them to my parents then next thing you know they were gone and it was someone else. This had to be confusing to them, my dad would ask me if I ever thought I would even get married? they did not understand the whole dating thing, I don’t want to marry just anyone. But they have learned to be patient and besides its closer than you know at least I’m with the one I know I’m going to marry. Its been a long wait but its been worth it. love you babe:)

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