It’s all a conspiracy I tell you! at work I do these pulmonary tests and of course in order to do them I need the tools and equipment right? so  I noticed friday I was almost out of the tubes I needed so, I call the other office and they send me the stuff I need.  Great now when monday rolls around I will be prepared everything is settled. So I thought…. this morning I come in and notice there is only 3 tubes left in my box…hey what happened? I had 7 in the first place so now there’s a delima do I reschedule these people, or sterilize the stuff or what? well I cant sterilize the stuff because I’m out of the solution and won’t get a new shipment in until this afternoon ( oh and by the way that’s when my tubes will come in), well anyways where did my stuff go? its a mystery. so  anyways a girl here at the office had to drive to our other office to pick up more supplies, I’m really annoyed because now I’m behind in my stuff and people are waiting.  I can tell my coworkers are irritated with me but I swear its not my fault, the stuff was there when I left friday so really where did it go?did I mention I really hate mondays?