Last week I mentioned I would give up chocolate…I didn’t, but today is day number 2 that I have not eaten any chocolate or had any kind of sweets with the exception of some grapes and strawberries. I decided to go on a low calorie diet thing and know what? yesterday ate 1500 calories and it seemed like a lot of food.  the diets tell me I should be eating 2225 calories to maintain my weight and 1820 calories to lose…that’s so much calories. I am giving myself lead way like as long as its under 1800 its ok (obviously for the day not one meal). but I hope I do good this time. I have tried counting calories before, didn’t last long but ,maybe I can do it this time.  I’m not going full force at once just taking it slow I’ll get more into the exercising part later right now I want to train my body to eat less and better.