One of the most annoying words would have to be “routine”. its a word that you need to live by in so many areas, like work for example. there are things you do every single day the same way and it works. it may be boring but it works.  of course there is the morning getting ready routine ,just as boring but i bet most people could tell you exactly how long it takes every morning to get ready ,and how many minutes they allow there self for everything they do. I bring up the subject because I deal with routine pretty well but then every few months or so I just cant take it and have a desire to do something else to change things around. I used to constantly change my furniture at home around but don’t have time for that anymore that and the furniture cant take much I changed my office around few months ago that helped some. but now here it is few months later and I’m in need of change just not sure what kind it is I need, ill probably just take a day off work to be by myself take pictures, read my bible ,and just spend alone time I’m thinking that sounds great.


Day number 5 on the low calorie thing. Doing good so far. I did go to in and out last night though, but I still didn’t eat over the amount of calories allowed.  I only had two salads yesterday which equaled only 300 cal each so no matter how bad that burger was I know it could not of been over 1,oooo calories. so anyways life is going ok. I had a bad dream last night that I lost my job, that I was being transferred somewhere else, which makes no sense because we don’t do transfers. I work at a Dr office…weird stuff. I guess because of the economy and hearing about so many losing there jobs its been stuck in my head. I feel so bad for those who have lost there job its not fair, how can we all survive? I’m not rich I don’t get paid tons of money heck I’m considered low class but I have a job I like and it pays the bills I’m not rich but I’m very blessed and thankful for what I have.