I am probably one of the most laid back people you could meet, but I really do not appreciate when someone is rude to me, I try the best I can to make others happy but I should know by now this is impossible. sometimes in life things happen and I have no control over them, do not become all moody with me just because a certain situation happened that Icouldn’t fix, when I call, you have no right to be short with me and have a attitude I can only say sorry so many times, and why am I saying sorry anyways? Idid not do anything wrong!and why is it your the only one being crazy the other ones are fine with the situation…..this may make no sense to anyone else but I’m really sad about this, I don’t know what to do. I hate drama….this is why I am only friends with  one girl…..


It’s Monday again, I always wake up on mondays and feel like garfield… know the whole “i hate mondays” he always said:) last night it was 9:00 and I realized that the weekend was going to be over it was sadness;( I don’t know where I’m going with this…..on another note I got my ATM card in the mail 🙂 i was really excited until I went to use it and it refused my pin number, I guess another pin number is coming in the mail or I have to go to the bank to change it….its annoying to me but yet its safer so no one can use my card, but hey if it came in the mail could’nt someone just wait for the pin number and still use my card? hmm yea I feel safe….


Well yesterday I went to my old house to clean it, and the mop was gone, yes the ghetto neighborhood stole the mop! I’m so glad I moved! so only thing left is turning in the keys to the landlord, Icant seem to get a hold of her though..whatever.  Also I managed to vacuum my car and rinse it off at the car wash place, and know what? it is so windy today and my car is once again covered in dirt…por que? oh well the car needed it. its not like I washed it or anything I just used the power sprayer thing…is that even what it is called? lol I make up words all the time.  In other news it is Friday:) I’m so done with this week. I’m glad its over!!!!


I lost my atm card somewhere and also my keys for work….this is really not a big deal it happens to people all the time but it just irritates me, because I don’t lose important things like that. I keep everything in a certain place so for it not to be there just drives me crazy.I was really irritated yesterday about it but today I’m just going to call the bank and cancel the card and wait for a new one, which really sucks.Now I will not have my card I can’t buy stuff, well unless I actually go to the bank which is no longer close to me since I moved…how annoying.And as far as the keys go I have no money on me so I have to wait until I can go to the bank to get money so I can make copies of someone Else’s work keys…lame. so another topic everyone at work had a moment of paranoia about there blood sugars so I checked everyone,then decided to check myself it was 77 the lowest of anyone here…its good I’m not a diabetic but the Dr keeps telling me I’m hypoglycemic, it sucks because I usually have low blood sugars and I have actually gotten down to a point where the meter just said low, its the most miserable feeling ever, but i guess its good I’m young because Ive known of people going into a coma or dying if the blood sugar went under 40 so gods definitely watching over me. so now I’m eating a few wheat thins and then eat lunch in another hour.I really need to add more protein in the morning with breakfast I usually just eat a cup of cereal and that’s it.lets see what else so far today? well this guy came in with a wound the size of a golf ball I could see all the way to the bone… was awesome:) ya I’m not a typical girl 🙂

what a jerk

this is going to have to be quick, i am suppose to be working and its busy this morning but i gotta vent. there’s this girl that comes in by herself and she is really sweet, she doesn’t understand English too well but i understand her, shes cute, well anyways her husband came in….what a jerk!just to put it mildly. he was so mean to her,he was talking to her like she was his pet, not his wife. he was getting pissed because i ignored him and only talked to her. hes not worth me recognizing, any guy who thinks its cool to treat his woman like a child is not a man, hes a little boy trying to play grown up. she asked me in Spanish if the Dr spoke Spanish, and i told her yes…he freaked out. i understand if she needs to learn English but being a jerk and yelling at her is not going to make her learn it.I told him that whatever makes her comfortable if its easier to speak Spanish to the Dr then she can, so ya i made him even more angry, but i really don’t care i feel so bad for this girl she has to live with such a butt head. i dont have time to edit so forgive me:)

updated stuff:)

soo…I haven’t posted in awhile and for good reason I have been super busy. my fiance has been blogging about it a lot you can look at his page:) but anyways here’s whats been going on, we do have a place for the wedding now,invitations are being worked on, along with pictures,hair, and soon cake tasting. tonight I  go pick up my wedding dress:) yay:)everything just seems un real. I think one of the strangest things was seeing both of our names on the invitation,it made getting married more real then its been for the past month. I guess I’m a little late, lol it takes me awhile to have things sink in. but really the most amazing thing is that everything in this wedding is free! well except my dress but still its pretty awesome:)this whole situation has been such a blessing, and to top it off my soon to be husband is the greatest in the world:) love you!!!!


Went to go look at a place in idywild for the wedding site, was really looking forward to seeing it until we pulled up, and noticed like 5 parking spots…this would be a problem since we have close to 100 people coming. then when we finally looked at the place it was small. cute but small.very disappointing considering I was really hoping to have the wedding in the mountains. but oh well looks like we will be having the ceremony outside his moms church, we can make it work. and nothing beats free, there will be plenty of parking which is a plus, also today turned in application to a place to live should know in a couple of  days if we got it. but anyways I’m tired and its getting late so ill have to write more later..adios


I noticed I haven’t posted a blog in a month ….so guess I should write about stuff:) lots of things have been happening first off I’m engaged!! yep awesome huh? so now there’s some planning going on. also started marriage counseling and we have been looking for a place to live lots of decisions. and of course I’m getting over this miserable sickness, been sick a week now grrr. I  meant to write out the whole story of the proposal after it happened its a cute story looks like I will have to another time though because I’m just worn out cant wait to feel better.