updated stuff:)

soo…I haven’t posted in awhile and for good reason I have been super busy. my fiance has been blogging about it a lot you can look at his page:) but anyways here’s whats been going on, we do have a place for the wedding now,invitations are being worked on, along with pictures,hair, and soon cake tasting. tonight I  go pick up my wedding dress:) yay:)everything just seems un real. I think one of the strangest things was seeing both of our names on the invitation,it made getting married more real then its been for the past month. I guess I’m a little late, lol it takes me awhile to have things sink in. but really the most amazing thing is that everything in this wedding is free! well except my dress but still its pretty awesome:)this whole situation has been such a blessing, and to top it off my soon to be husband is the greatest in the world:) love you!!!!