what a jerk

this is going to have to be quick, i am suppose to be working and its busy this morning but i gotta vent. there’s this girl that comes in by herself and she is really sweet, she doesn’t understand English too well but i understand her, shes cute, well anyways her husband came in….what a jerk!just to put it mildly. he was so mean to her,he was talking to her like she was his pet, not his wife. he was getting pissed because i ignored him and only talked to her. hes not worth me recognizing, any guy who thinks its cool to treat his woman like a child is not a man, hes a little boy trying to play grown up. she asked me in Spanish if the Dr spoke Spanish, and i told her yes…he freaked out. i understand if she needs to learn English but being a jerk and yelling at her is not going to make her learn it.I told him that whatever makes her comfortable if its easier to speak Spanish to the Dr then she can, so ya i made him even more angry, but i really don’t care i feel so bad for this girl she has to live with such a butt head. i dont have time to edit so forgive me:)