I was reading a news article about the speech obama told to turkey….here is a quote he said, (“Many other Americans have Muslims in their family, or have lived in a Muslim-majority country – I know, because I am one of them.”) Out of the whole thing I am picking this sentence mostly because when he was running for president he refused to say he was Muslim. Now in his own words he admits to being Muslim. This really is End Times. And no its not because he’s black, its because the things that are happening are prophetic.Trying for peace in Israel…yes we have been trying for decades for peace, lets move on the natural disasters, the hardened hearts toward God, the same sex marriages, the whole do whatever feels good thing. The list keeps going, its really scary to think that so many people are lost, and don’t believe in heaven or hell. Well you are wrong! there is a heaven and most defiantly a Hell. The only one that can save you is God. I am in no way forcing God or religion, God is God I don’t need to argue my case, God works on hearts. I do want to say that your life will never be complete no matter what you have in your life, unless God is in the center. You could be the most wealthiest person in the world and have every material item imaginable and still feel empty. No amount of love from another human being will fill that hole in your heart. There is a God shaped hole in every ones heart that only he can fill. My life was so empty without God, I looked in every area to try and fill that void. Everything from drugs to relationships even taking things because of desire to have more and not be poor. That was so many years ago it feels almost like it was just some bad movie I watched. It all changed because God left the 99 to find me.I went from having nothing to having everything.Need examples okay, I went from working fast food and being a drug addact,living with my parents to going back to school, getting a way better job,having my own place, and of course I am finally getting married, and He’s the most awesome guy you could ever meet. I am happy I don’t have any kind of depression or anger issues anymore and with God on my side all things are possible:) I might need to make a part two I gotta go but this is just something to think about.

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