Coming Up

Only 23 days left until the wedding!! can you believe it’s coming up so fast? I am so ready to just get married and not be stressed about the details. This sat will be bridal shower number three, I think it is strange to have three but whatever more gifts!!:) also will be heading out to get alterations on the dress, I am a little nervous leaving it with someone, professional or not I hear the horror stories about stains and holes in dresses  or the un thinkable it not making it to me by wedding day. I am being paranoid huh? also something fun is we are looking to buy a house. we put a offer in on one and should know today or tomorrow if it is ours. Things are changing, these are two very import things happening, its a little scary but yet extremly exciting:)

Sims 2

Recently,well matter of fact 2 days ago I started playing Sims 2. First I made a family Ronnie, me and our daughter. well it did not work it was difficult to play all three and Ronnie came along and made our child be taken away from cps. sadness:( so I started a new game, we made separate  characters  so i played for a day couldn’t seem to get Ronnie’s characters attention, was sad. then last night Ronnie played and managed to sweet talk  my character into moving in now they are engaged. funny stuff, on another note only like 23 days left until the real us gets married!! woo hoo