we are bk:)

we are back!! we had a awesome wedding everything was great and absolutely gorgeous:) the cruise was so awesome, we had so much fun, definitely did not want to leave and come back to reality. we also saw transformers 2 and had a late night beach trip this past weekend:) but today was my first day back to work, i really wish i would of taken off longer. its hard not being able to be with Ronnie:( well we did pretty well as far as gifts and money and gift cards, we were able to get some stuff for the house and a couple fun things like a new TV and xbox. so its cool. well look its 5:30 its time to go home:)

should I be?

Why is it that everyone keeps asking me if I am nervous?If you are sure about the person you are going to marry why would you be nervous? I am sure the day of the wedding I will be just because all the people there, but not because of my marriage with Ronnie. lol funny stuff if I had doubts I would not marry the guy. Well it is only three days away, I am excited, we have a possible house we might get, we will see what God has for us. I am super excited about the cruise.I have never been on one:) well I gotta keep this short I need to get back to work:)

9 more days

We are down to only nine days left. Yesterday we went and got our marriage license and had our engagement shoot. The photographers we absolutely amazing, they are really down to earth, really fun young married couple, its going to be so much fun with them. Tonight is my bachelorette party…don’t worry we are just going bowling:) And tomorrow Ronnie has his guy thing he is looking forward to it they will have fun:) Things have been tight financially though it has me a little stressed because we have like 4 dollars in the account and i wont get paid until the 20th. I am going to turn in some recyclables and change and a few gifts we got that we don’t need or that someone already got that item for us. I def don’t want us to be overdrawn that would really suck. Oh and we have a honey moon:) we are going on a cruise its going to be so much fun. Rehersal dinner will be next Thursday, and very possible going on Friday for some pampering:) so should be great and I am ready to spend the rest of my life with my gummi bear:)


today we are at 23 people we have seen at the office since 8:30 and its only 11:30 i would say its been a busy morning.let me rephrase that 24 people. well anyways its good cause time is going fast now its almost 12, then the weekend yay:) well 2 weeks from tomorrow is the wedding, exciting stuff. People ask me are you excited? and of course but i feel drained I’m pretty tired of the details and changes that have been made the last few months. I wonder who’s wedding is it? its suppose to be mine and Ronnie’s but sometimes it feels like its whatever everyone else wants. I have learned that it don’t matter anyways, the most important thing is that we do get married. to me the ceremony is important everything else whatever happens happens. this weekend will be busy too sat the guys are getting fitted for tuxes, and Sunday is the engagement shoot:) Im hoping the photo shoot will be a lot of fun. well anyways I’m going to stop typing:)


I got a compliment at work today, woo hoo:) anyways  time is going fast only 16 days now until the wedding. We met with the pastor last night to go over wedding details, we are having communion:) also went and had my dress altered, should get it back next week.there is a little bit of a problem with the amount of people coming, but it will straighten up.lol guess what? its hailing!! it June and hailing, and occ raining, but its really nice:)well as far as house hunting the house we put a bid on did not work out, some guy came along and put cash down so of course he got it. its ok though something else will pop up. we will start looking again.I finally have my car back:) Ronnie had car issues so he has been using mine, which also needed new tires but Ronnie got those for me:) well anyways its lunch time I am going to eat some soup i found in the cub-bard its some mushroom stuff it might be good….