I got a compliment at work today, woo hoo:) anyways  time is going fast only 16 days now until the wedding. We met with the pastor last night to go over wedding details, we are having communion:) also went and had my dress altered, should get it back next week.there is a little bit of a problem with the amount of people coming, but it will straighten guess what? its hailing!! it June and hailing, and occ raining, but its really nice:)well as far as house hunting the house we put a bid on did not work out, some guy came along and put cash down so of course he got it. its ok though something else will pop up. we will start looking again.I finally have my car back:) Ronnie had car issues so he has been using mine, which also needed new tires but Ronnie got those for me:) well anyways its lunch time I am going to eat some soup i found in the cub-bard its some mushroom stuff it might be good….

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