today we are at 23 people we have seen at the office since 8:30 and its only 11:30 i would say its been a busy morning.let me rephrase that 24 people. well anyways its good cause time is going fast now its almost 12, then the weekend yay:) well 2 weeks from tomorrow is the wedding, exciting stuff. People ask me are you excited? and of course but i feel drained I’m pretty tired of the details and changes that have been made the last few months. I wonder who’s wedding is it? its suppose to be mine and Ronnie’s but sometimes it feels like its whatever everyone else wants. I have learned that it don’t matter anyways, the most important thing is that we do get married. to me the ceremony is important everything else whatever happens happens. this weekend will be busy too sat the guys are getting fitted for tuxes, and Sunday is the engagement shoot:) Im hoping the photo shoot will be a lot of fun. well anyways I’m going to stop typing:)