9 more days

We are down to only nine days left. Yesterday we went and got our marriage license and had our engagement shoot. The photographers we absolutely amazing, they are really down to earth, really fun young married couple, its going to be so much fun with them. Tonight is my bachelorette party…don’t worry we are just going bowling:) And tomorrow Ronnie has his guy thing he is looking forward to it they will have fun:) Things have been tight financially though it has me a little stressed because we have like 4 dollars in the account and i wont get paid until the 20th. I am going to turn in some recyclables and change and a few gifts we got that we don’t need or that someone already got that item for us. I def don’t want us to be overdrawn that would really suck. Oh and we have a honey moon:) we are going on a cruise its going to be so much fun. Rehersal dinner will be next Thursday, and very possible going on Friday for some pampering:) so should be great and I am ready to spend the rest of my life with my gummi bear:)