I have a dilemma. I have this urge to just erase everyone from my  contact list, which also includes people from myspace or face book that I no longer talk to. Key words no longer talk too. I really don’t keep in contact with theses people any they don’t seem to care about me either, so why am I keeping them around? I wonder if its just my nature of not wanting to hurt any ones feelings. I wouldn’t want someone to notice i deleted them and be offended but then again if they cares so much they would put in a effort to say hi right? Should I really be the only one trying to be nice and friendly?So the question is do I send a email to those who i still somewhat care about and tell them adios and explain why Im erasing them from my life? would I be a complete jerk for doing that? On another hand I have a whole new life starting I recently got married and I have a new future with him. No reason to keep old baggage around meaning past relationships of any kind. I have very few people I can even call friend. Its sad but it really is hard to find people you can trust.

What A World

We finally got our marriage certificate in the mail! So now here comes the process of getting my last name changed. I decided to look on the Internet to get the applications from the social security office and the Dmv.It was so hard to find a form that was specifically for name change. I was only finding gender change and same sex marriage forms. What the heck is it not more likely to see a man and woman married than two people of the same sex? It was really annoying, and I would click on a site and it would be bunch of men dressed like women, not cute. So  my concern is why is all this so accepting? Why is it so easy to change your sex from what you were born with, why so accepting that two people of the same sex can be married. What sad times we live in that everything that is against God and wrong is right, its really sad and the poor kids that are being raised in theses times by parents who think all these things are right.

freakin people2

lol yes update…there is this guy who drives me crazy just his presence annoys me he brought in his wife as a new pt. she is super nice but him he is such a jerk!!!!!!!! He tells me I am bigger than his wife so I have to be careful with her. Ok so what am i a gorilla or something? Freakin guy His voice just makes my ears bleed. Yea I know not very nice things to say but we really bump heads. so yes today alone rude boy,wife,husband and its only 3:00m I am sure grandma and grandpa will be involved somewhere in the rudeness of the day. I wanna go home with Ronnie.

freaking people

Just a few minutes ago i experience something. first off a very rude little boy, ok not too little he looked around 10 or 11 not sure. but anyways disrespectful and just annoying. I would so smack him if he were my boy, oh would that be worng? well so is being disrespectful to your group i got was a angry Mexican woman totally giving me dirty looks because i was checking her husbands pulse and blood pressure… i guess i was flirting in her eye. I’m going to have to go with no crazy its my job get over your self no one wants your man. i just wanted to write about these two people I’m just waiting for the rude guy to come in then my afternoon will be complete.sorry gonna be short i should be working:)

crazy mosquitos

This woman came in yesterday to the office with a serious emergency…….she insisted on being taken back right away she could not wait. So she gets taken back before all the other people who have a appointment and guess what her problem was? A mosquito bite…..yes she threw a fit because it itches and is red. OK you just wasted a piece of my time and life i will never get back. duh its red and itching its a mosquito bite that’s what happens. now unless something is oozing out don’t come in for something so mild. i know bug bites can be serious i mean after all i got bit by a spider and had to be on antibiotics but my toe was turning purple…that was a little bit more serious. anyways some people are just not too smart.