What A World

We finally got our marriage certificate in the mail! So now here comes the process of getting my last name changed. I decided to look on the Internet to get the applications from the social security office and the Dmv.It was so hard to find a form that was specifically for name change. I was only finding gender change and same sex marriage forms. What the heck is it not more likely to see a man and woman married than two people of the same sex? It was really annoying, and I would click on a site and it would be bunch of men dressed like women, not cute. So  my concern is why is all this so accepting? Why is it so easy to change your sex from what you were born with, why so accepting that two people of the same sex can be married. What sad times we live in that everything that is against God and wrong is right, its really sad and the poor kids that are being raised in theses times by parents who think all these things are right.