I have a dilemma. I have this urge to just erase everyone from my  contact list, which also includes people from myspace or face book that I no longer talk to. Key words no longer talk too. I really don’t keep in contact with theses people any they don’t seem to care about me either, so why am I keeping them around? I wonder if its just my nature of not wanting to hurt any ones feelings. I wouldn’t want someone to notice i deleted them and be offended but then again if they cares so much they would put in a effort to say hi right? Should I really be the only one trying to be nice and friendly?So the question is do I send a email to those who i still somewhat care about and tell them adios and explain why Im erasing them from my life? would I be a complete jerk for doing that? On another hand I have a whole new life starting I recently got married and I have a new future with him. No reason to keep old baggage around meaning past relationships of any kind. I have very few people I can even call friend. Its sad but it really is hard to find people you can trust.

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