is it over?

I have the most terrible stomach pain right now. I  remember when I was about 15 I was told I had cysts on my ovaries and also that I would never be able to have any childrenn..blah blah blah anyways the point is i found out because i was having pain so often i finally went to the dr and they did tests on me and that was the results. well here it is 13 years later and it feels the same maybe one of those stupid things burst or something. all i know is no one has any motrin here and now my back is starting to hurt bad too. this sucks. so besides that i have had an afternoon of hairy chests, cholostomy bags, and random smells, and big boxes…..sigh

Good Morning World

I have learned that no matter my mood or no matter how i feel it really will never make anyone happy. here is a great example. in the mornings i don’t say good morning to anyone i mean anyone not even my husband i am just not a morning person i never have been while anyways a certain person threw a fit because for a long time i have not said good morning to him. he even set up a test for me and said nothing to me for a week ok i didnt notice or cared but he had his assistant come tell me he was upset that i never say good morning to him. ok grow up really it’s not like im rude i say hi sometimes. anyways dumb huh? also i have been asked hey why dont you sing or laugh all the time anymore? ok well for one when i was always happy it annoyed everyone and i got tired of people making fun of my singing so i stoped…years ago. so now all of a sudden its noticeable? come on now just another excuse to make me feel like crap and hey anyone ever hear of a compliment? you know i really would like to hear one once in a while. when i do something wrong the world ends but what about all the times i do something right? someone telling me im appreciated would be great.i really want a long break from everything. and unfortunately thats not until thanksgiving and im only happy because it means time off….it should be about family but i just want to be away from people, nothing makes since.