Good Morning World

I have learned that no matter my mood or no matter how i feel it really will never make anyone happy. here is a great example. in the mornings i don’t say good morning to anyone i mean anyone not even my husband i am just not a morning person i never have been while anyways a certain person threw a fit because for a long time i have not said good morning to him. he even set up a test for me and said nothing to me for a week ok i didnt notice or cared but he had his assistant come tell me he was upset that i never say good morning to him. ok grow up really it’s not like im rude i say hi sometimes. anyways dumb huh? also i have been asked hey why dont you sing or laugh all the time anymore? ok well for one when i was always happy it annoyed everyone and i got tired of people making fun of my singing so i stoped…years ago. so now all of a sudden its noticeable? come on now just another excuse to make me feel like crap and hey anyone ever hear of a compliment? you know i really would like to hear one once in a while. when i do something wrong the world ends but what about all the times i do something right? someone telling me im appreciated would be great.i really want a long break from everything. and unfortunately thats not until thanksgiving and im only happy because it means time off….it should be about family but i just want to be away from people, nothing makes since.

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