Not Cute

So I was wondering how many people out there think it is cute for your child to flip off a camera or someone and also cuss? I find it really disturbing it is not adorable, it is not cute and it is teaching them to be immature and disrespectful at an early age. I really wonder why some people are parents. these kids are our future they are going to make all the important decisions later on in life…..does that not scare you? don’t you people want to raise your children to be the best? to be someone who can and will make a difference? it’s just annoying because why can’t people see they are not helping the situation they are making it worse. children absorb what they see and hear so if you are an idiot your children will be too. I don’t usually try and put other people down or hurt anyones feelings, but this is just ridiculous. I am not the smartest person either but if i had kids i would want them to grow up and be somebody. well gotta go…just think about it.

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