well its thursday morning and its busy. i am excited about getting to leave early today at 4. lol yes i am excited about leaving 1 1/2 hrs early:) now I am drinking some Starbucks I think they put an extra shot in there it’s very strong, that’s ok though I have no energy so it helps. So I feel like I am just taking up space, I don’t feel like I am contributing to anything. I am in such a rut I do the same thing every day, so my question is how do I break out of it? yea sure I could try and do something different everyday but what? most of the things I would want to do involves money. I try and drive a different  route to or from work just to be different. I have noticed one thing I am doing better at work I seem to have more motivation.and now an interesting but sad fact, we have those bug traps here at work you know the sticky ones. So a lizard got caught in one and one of the girls got freaked out. so i took it outside but unfortunately i can not pull him out he was stuck to it and there was even a dead one in there too. so sad i had to toss the trap but i really tried to save the lizard:(

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