My Heart

it is friday night i will be off work in 7 minutes. I just had a heart monitor put on. It helps i work for my dr. I don’t need to wait for an appointment or wait weeks to be scheduled for one. i actually put monitors on patients so its good too i can relate to them having to wear this thing for 24 hours. so my heart has an irregular beat i guess, i really only feel it at night so here is where the monitor comes in. but God is God and its going to be ok…I’m young its weird to be wearing this.what if me having repeated broken hearts caused a physical problem..wouldn’t that be so weird? not likely but still just a thought

One thought on “My Heart

  1. a… heartbeat monitor?
    seems familiar. a classmate of mine had such a thing in school once, not that long ago. And yes, she also said for 24 hours.
    it must be weird having the heartbeat monitored like that.

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