My co workers are giving me a hard time about stopping my heart medication. I was suppose to repeat wearing the heart monitor too but I just don’t feel like it is necessary. I just had an irregular fast pulse a few times, I have been checking my pulse daily and it has been normal. As far as the chest pains it has become a normal thing for me. I just do a lot of praying I am hoping that I can get by without any medication or hospital visits. I am not stupid though if I feel nothing is getting better I will seek help again but right now I just want to wait and see if all this fuss is truly nessasary.ok on another note a 48 yr old woman put in her new pt paper work she is planning pregnancy……ahhh, I’m sorry but the oldest I even want to be for having a child would be 35 and that’s pushing it. I complain now for not getting any sleep can you imagine when I’m almost 50 and if I had a child? scary thought. I was suppose to go to bed early last night but instead ended up watching heroes for like 3 hours next thing you know it’s 12 that’s late for me, unlike my husband who seems to have no problem staying up super late, I can’t help it I love sleeping:)

Not The Red Suit

Ah man this day just keeps going. I just want to be off work already, I would say I just want to go home but I need to go to the store, I should go pay rent too but it can wait till tomorrow after all I have until the 3rd..lol which is tomorrow. My back hurts I was pushing a guy in his wheelchair and I think I twisted wrong or something, he was not light so probably me lifting his chair to turn him was a bad idea. Also today so many weird crazy people, I can only handle so many at once. I also can’t stop yawning I feel so tired, I should try to go to bed at a decent time tonight of course I always say that:)Well this morning was not bad we decorated the office for christmas yes christmas not happy holidays sorry if the word christmas offends you actually no I’m not sorry its christmas for a reason we are celebrating the birth of our savior not some fat guy in a red suit. well anyways I’m bored maybe ill write later:)