My co workers are giving me a hard time about stopping my heart medication. I was suppose to repeat wearing the heart monitor too but I just don’t feel like it is necessary. I just had an irregular fast pulse a few times, I have been checking my pulse daily and it has been normal. As far as the chest pains it has become a normal thing for me. I just do a lot of praying I am hoping that I can get by without any medication or hospital visits. I am not stupid though if I feel nothing is getting better I will seek help again but right now I just want to wait and see if all this fuss is truly nessasary.ok on another note a 48 yr old woman put in her new pt paper work she is planning pregnancy……ahhh, I’m sorry but the oldest I even want to be for having a child would be 35 and that’s pushing it. I complain now for not getting any sleep can you imagine when I’m almost 50 and if I had a child? scary thought. I was suppose to go to bed early last night but instead ended up watching heroes for like 3 hours next thing you know it’s 12 that’s late for me, unlike my husband who seems to have no problem staying up super late, I can’t help it I love sleeping:)

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