New Meds

Ok so just like I posted yesterday I said I would not be stupid and if  I didn’t get better I would seek help. Well today I had bad chest pain and last night before I went to bed I had some, I decided that maybe I should be a little smarter so I told my dr and she gave me a different kind of medication to try same thing I have to take the med for 2 weeks then wear the monitor again, I would have just wore the thing tonight but I guess no reason too since I have not taken any medication for 5 days, the medication is basically out of my system. This is all very scary and frustrating, before my pulse was high but now It has stayed pretty normal I run between 60 and 80 so It is good but I still continue to get pains in the chest and not just once in a while but daily sometimes worse than others, I thought maybe it is all anxiety but I don’t have any symptoms of anxiety and I am a pretty laid back person, It takes a lot to really stress me out or get me angry. I just wish I knew what was going on with me I really am way too young for all this:( My mom does not help I finally told her and she just basically says it runs in the family….oh come on I could accept it if I was 50 not 28.

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