So just a few random updates on my life. The newest medication I am on seems to be helping I still get occasionally chest pain but not as bad, it does suck because one of the side effects is cold extremities my feet seem to always be cold, I even put two pairs of socks on last night you know the warm fuzzy ones:) Besides that I cut my hair yesterday I like it it’s cute little short but not too bad:) I also got an awesome christmas bonus woo hoo. I bought this awesome jacket for 10 dollars hows that for being all thrifty and stuff. Well that’s the good stuff the bad stuff is recently I have just been feeling overwhelmed and frustrated I feel like all the responsibility is on me to handle, I feel like my sense of humor and fun is completely gone. I would rather be alone and not around anyone then go somewhere or have fun. Sometime I find people who are happy annoying but that is rare. I can’t help but compare my life to others which is bad because everyone has choices they made theres and I made mine. I don’t have a bad life I just feel like there is just too much of it to handle but someone has to do it right? I really wish I could just drop everything and leave for a few days just to refresh myself, no responsibility no stress just do whatever I feel like doing. It’s just a dream though there is no way I could get away it just can’t happen.

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