Seeing if this works from my phone


So I have my first cardiologist appointment this thursday, good thing because the chest pain is still daily I’m so tired of it. Ronnie thinks I have anxiety, I thought about it but it does not seem like it. I have 1 symptom out of a whole list so I doubt it, but I guess I just want a dx so at least I can fix the problem instead of everyone having their own opinion of what’s wrong with me. On other news I am so irritated ,I’m tired, and I just want a vacation. I feel like I work hard in every aspect of my life and it is not appreciated or noticed. Of course being a christian the only one who matters is God and that he sees your hard work. I guess just like anyone else I just want a compliment here and there.Oh well I didn’t really feel like writing but I havent in so long I decided to write something…have a great day:)