my weekend motivation

already march 2011. So I should be blogging or something. A lot has gone on but yet nothing has gone on. make any sense? No didn’t think so. Work has been a so so thing I have been very frustrated since im looked at as incompetent and put down. I am not perfect and yes I can admit my mistakes but some people are just so immature. On other news I havent felt like myself in awhile I’m not sure why. Hormonal? maybe I don’t know. This morning I realized the only way I can talk myself out of bed is reminding me that i only have a few more days until I have a day off so I can sleep in. How is it that the only thing I’m looking forward too all week is sleeping in? It makes no sense. Anyways I need to do something different but don’t know what. Also what the heck am I going to do with my parents? they are both depressed from getting old and not leaving the house, my dad does not want to go anywhere, and would rather be home. this is so not like my dad. I’m stressed and I feel like everything in this world is on my shoulders why do I feel alone?